IV nutrient therapy (IV nutrition, IV therapy, IV nutritional therapy, or intravenous therapy) is a safe, effective, and restorative therapy used to aid in treating several medical conditions. Over time our nutritional sources have become more processed and filled with preservatives that wreak havoc on our bodies. The foods we once used to provide our bodies with essential nutrients are now compromised and ineffective at providing the necessary nutrition to keep us healthy. Ingredients in IV nutrient therapy include essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids proven over decades to play a significant role in our health and wellness. IV therapy is customized to meet each individual’s nutritional needs and is administered directly into the veins which provides significantly more benefit than oral and traditional medicines.

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IV Nutritional Blends & Possible Benefits of Therapy

IV Blends

  • Immunity – strengthen immune system, feel better faster, protect against infection
  • Alleviate – reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort, decrease lower back pain
  • Get-Up-And-Go – burn fat, boost metabolism, increase energy
  • Myer’s Cocktail – reduce seasonal allergies, decrease inflammation, alleviates stress, reduces chronic pain
  • Brainstorm – improve brain function and memory
  • Inner Beauty – reduce appearances of wrinkles, improve acne, fortifies hair, skin and nails
  • Recovery & Performance – enhance athletic performance, decrease recovery time, replenish essential nutrients

Benefits of IV nutrient therapy

Boosts energy

Detoxifies the body

Enhances the immune system

Decreases artery plaque

Combats chronic fatigue

Reverses symptoms of malnutrition

Can help reverse autoimmune disorders

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“Jackie is a very nice, caring and understanding doctor. Made me feel important and at ease. Thanks Jackie.”

“It was my 1st visit, I was impressed by the length of my visit. Dr. Tewes was very friendly, thorough, interested. She talked easily and worked with me as easily as any doctor I’ve ever worked with. Extremely impressed.”

“Always spends the time needed and goes the extra mile! Will seek out answers when they are needed. Always makes me feel like I’m well cared for!”

“Jackie is excellent. I rarely visit the doctors office, but when I do, she is attentive, listens and never makes me feel rushed. Don’t let this one go!”

“Thank you for everything you have done for my family. It is such a blessing knowing that you have a doctor that understands you and what’s best for you and your family. Thank you for being an amazing doctor.”

“No doctor could come close to you. You are thorough, compassionate and kind.”

“Jackie is truly unique in her capacity to listen and understand the individuality of each patient.”

With so many exercise and fitness options available it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our focus is to find ways to create movement each and every day that you enjoy and will continue to expand on.

Movement helps to strengthen your muscles which improves stability, balance, and coordination. Stretching also helps maintain muscle health and build durable, dense bones.

Not getting enough physical activity can contribute to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Let’s work together to customize a program that is enjoyable as well as effective for your lifestyle and fitness goals. Contact us to take the next steps toward a healthier you!

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