Understanding Essential Oils

At Flourish, we want you to feel confident, empowered, and supported on your health journey, including your decision to implement CPTG essential oils in a wellness routine for yourself and your family. Essential oils, like many aspects of holistic health approaches, can feel overwhelming when you first get started. Understanding what essential oils are, how to use them safely, and being equipped with specific essential oil solutions is key!


Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in plants. They can be found in the roots, stem, leaves, petals, bark, or rind of the plant. Plants carry essential oils, their aromatic compounds, as a form of protection for the plant. When the essential oils are properly extracted from the plants (steam distillation, cold pressing, etc.), their chemical constituents offer significant benefits to our bodies.

There are thousands of different chemical constituents in plants around the world today, and each plant contains at least 3-4. This is significant when looking to use essential oils for medicinal purposes, because multiple chemical constituents mean the essential oil can be used to address a variety of health concerns. For example, over-the-counter pain relievers only serve one benefit: relieving pain. Pure peppermint essential oil, however, contains menthol, menthone, and 1,8-cneole (eucalyptol). Having these specific constituents can allow pure peppermint essential oil to aid in pain relief, digestive support, cooling body temperature, respiratory support, and more! View some of the research on peppermint essential oil.


There are 3 ways to use essential oils.

  1. Aromatically – inhaling the essential oil from the bottle, hands, or from a diffuser.
  2. Topically – the essential directly on the area of concern.
  3. Internally – taking essential oils in a veggie capsule, adding essential oils to drinking water, or taking a drop or 2 under the tongue. NOTE: not all essential oils are intended for internal use and it’s important to always follow the usage instructions on the essential oil bottle.

When choosing essential oils to use, quality is key. At Flourish, we chose dōTERRA oils due to their purity standards and transparency in their testing processes and results. For more information on dōTERRA’s purity standards, sourcing, and testing, visit www.sourcetoyou.com.


Here are the “top 10” essential oils and their primary benefits:

  1. Lemon – cleanse, phlegm, focus
  2. Lavender – sleep, skin, calm, emotions
  3. Peppermint – cough, respiratory, focus
  4. On Guard®️ – immune support, cleanse
  5. Deep Blue – muscles, joints, tension
  6. ADAPTIV®️ – emotions, soothe, adapt
  7. DigestZen®️ – indigestion, sinus, bloating
  8. Copaiba – skin, calm, immune support
  9. Balance®️ – grounding, tension, soothe
  10. Breathe®️ – respiratory support, sinus, calm

Grab these top 10 essential oils and a diffuser>>


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