Top 10 Reasons to Meet with a Health Coach

Health Coaches are knowledgeable instructors who provide ongoing support and education as you set goals and make lasting changes that improve your health and enjoyment. So many people think they have to make healthy changes on their own. We are here to offer the Top 10 reasons why Health Coaching is so valuable.

1. Wellness-centered Wholeness

When someone says the word “wholeness,” what comes to mind? By definition, it’s a noun that means unity or unbroken. In respect to biology and our health it means our personal relationships, emotions, will, mind, body, and soul need to align to keep us whole and healthy. That is why a Health Coach approaches each patient in a holistic way. Rather than just looking at the symptoms for a person’s illness, a Health Coach will analyze and tailor a plan specific to the unique needs of that individual.

2. Goal Setting

At Flourish Medical + Wellness, our approach is to see each patient as an individual with specific needs and make medical recommendations in a wellness focus rather than just diagnose and medicate you. But a doctor is not able to monitor your lifestyle and encourage you on a consistent basis. That is where our Health Coach steps in. They can track your progress and cheer you on in a very practical way.

3. Supplementation Instruction

You may be misinformed on the benefits and recommendations for daily supplements. We will help you determine the value and in turn you will save money by purchasing just what your body needs. If you’re confused by conflicting information – we can guide you.

4. On-going Encouragement

Perhaps you’ve been told to make a lifestyle change that seems overwhelming and hard to adhere to. Or have been trying to eat heart healthy, lose weight, or cut out sugar. Have you tried to make these adjustments but found you couldn’t accomplish them alone? We’re here to provide ongoing support and education.

5. Nutrition Done Right

Along with supplementation, nutritional guidance is all over the board. With so many recommendations and opinions available, it can keep you from knowing and implementing what is right for you. This is where the wholeness concept comes in to play. We will learn about your lifestyle and preferences and determine your ideal weight and how to achieve it. Then we will give you nutritional information to expand your knowledge and benefit you for life.

6. Recipes to Support Goals

Healthy living is more than just knowing what to do. That head knowledge needs to move to your heart so you implement the changes. As you learn more about nutrition, we will work to reduce your cravings and be aware of where they come from. And along the way you will discover new foods and how to prepare them.

7. Exercise Guidance

Ugh, to some of us exercise is a chore. But we will work with you help increase your daily energy. The result is that you will naturally gain confidence and increased interest. We’ll show you how to exercise and incorporate movement in your daily life. Change that “ugh” to a “yeah”!

8. Overcome Obstacles

Changes don’t happen instantly; it will take time to develop new habits. Our program guides you to create changes in your life over a 3 or 6-month period. Your personalized program will improve your health and optimism. Together we will explore specific areas that need to be addressed and discover the changes you need to create balance.

9. Three and Six-month Plans

Our 3-month program works on identifying and overcoming obstacles, creating healthy options for you and increasing your awareness of healthy food choices and how to make them.

Changes made over a 6-month period will ensure sustainability. We expand from the 3-month program and build a solid foundation in your health by continuing to share healthy recipes, making improvements to your health concerns, look at stress and its effect on your body, personal care products, and chemicals in our environment. Request detailed information and pricing and choose a program that fits your life.

10. Free Initial Visit (this month only)

All of the reasons listed combine in to one big reason – your health matters. If you think your job and family are vital and important, then you should take care of the one thing that makes those two things possible… you! Take the first step toward a new approach to your wholeness. And in the month of September, we are offering a FREE consultation (15 minutes) with our Health Coach. Set goals and make lasting changes that improve your health and enjoyment. Contact us today.

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