The Ideal Weight Loss Jump-Start

Taking the first step toward healthy weight loss can be as simple as making small changes and developing good habits over time. Naturally, weight loss will occur. We all know this to be true, but not all of us are able to simply change long-term habits and make the switch to a healthy lifestyle. At Flourish Medical + Wellness we want to come alongside you in your wholeness journey. And healthy weight loss will bring you so much closer to that goal. We know that a quick win will inspire change and motivate you to sustain those healthy changes. That’s why we are offering a weight loss challenge. It could be the jump-start that encourages healthy choices, weight loss, and new habits.

However, this is not your typical weight loss contest! We’ve titled it the REFRESH Weight Loss Program because you will receive nutritional guidance, individualized attention, and coaching from our Health Coach, Tracy. Other non-typical options include prepared meal plans, protein shakes, Lipo B12 injections, DōTERRA products, and medical weight loss medication (under the supervision of Jackie Tewes APRN, CNP, MSN). As Tracy has stated, the combination of increased physical activity and decreased unhealthy food consumption “…will change your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning.”

We invite you to learn more by taking the REFRESH Weight Loss Challenge. You will receive a customizable weight loss program for 6-weeks. During that time participants will receive four coaching sessions and nutritional support.

When is the “Challenge”?

It begins April 18, 2022 and ends May 30, 2022.

How do I join?

In two easy steps! STEP 1: RSVP to the Facebook Event, and STEP 2: Call the clinic at 952-208-7029 to reserve your spot. The cost is $188 for the 6-week program.

What is the 6-week plan?

  • Week 1: RESET PLAN. Clinic visit for assessment, measure, weigh-in, and food list. You will learn to develop healthy eating patterns, remove unhealthy food triggers, and lose weight.
  • Week 2: RESET PLAN continues
  • Week 3: REINTRODUCE PLAN. Clinic visit for measure, weigh-in, and updated food plan. An opportunity for you to maintain healthy eating patterns and learn how to eat in moderation, while you continue to lose weight and inches.
  • Week 4: REINTRODUCE PLAN continues
  • Week 5: REAL LIFE PLAN. Clinic visit for measure, weigh-in, and updated food plan. Discover how to eat in a balanced way for real life situations. Enjoy your favorite foods and continue to lose weight.
  • Week 6: REAL LIFE continues. Clinic visit to measure, weigh-in, and next steps. This is the final weigh-in with measurements. Plan to continue these new healthy habits. Prizes will be awarded this week.

Why should I take the “Challenge”?

This is more than a personal weight loss challenge – it is a healthy and fun competition. Which means we will be awarding prizes to two people. The person to lose the most inches and the person who achieves the highest percentage of weight loss will be able to choose one prize each. They can choose a FREE BOTOX® TREATMENT, or FREE PELLETING TREATMENT, or $200 in SUPPLEMENT PRODUCTS. Now, that is an incentive! Plus, the bonus of feeling healthier.

What are the optional add-on items?

These items and more are available at the Flourish clinic for an additional cost.

  1. Meet with our Health Coach, Tracy, for a personalized meal & exercise plan.
  2. Receive medical weight management with medication to provide an additional jump start to losing those pounds. This add-on includes an evaluation with Jackie Tewes for blood work and medication ($105 + cost of medication, ordered through your medical insurance).
  3. DōTERRA products: Slim and Sassy Drops and Metabolic Chewing Gum
  4. Lipo B12 injections once per week to detox liver & break down fats (at $25 per injection)
  5. Prepared meal plans which include REFRESH PLAN-approved food available for purchase.
  6. Protein shakes, snack bars, weight loss/metabolism boosting supplements, etc.

Take the next step by registering at our Facebook EVENT and schedule your first clinic visit for April 18th. Learn more about our Weight Loss treatments and contact Contact Us with questions. Print this FLYER or email it to a friend and take the challenge together! You’ll be feeling great in 6-weeks.

If you missed round one (or maybe you want to do it again) and are looking for a sustainable way to feel your best, sign up here to be the first to know when our next Refresh Healthy Weight Loss Challenge is!

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