How to Know If You Need a Life Coach

When we think of wellness, we generally assume it is a medical and physical feeling of being well. There is great value in maintaining good physical health and wellness. Ideally, we also feel a sense of wholeness. A Life Coach takes the medical portion of our health and wellness and adds the goal of long term wholeness. The wholeness that impacts all areas of our lives.

The Life Coaching services at Flourish Medical + Wellness emphasize mind and spirit. Wholeness is reflected in who you are to yourself and others. It is a balance of will, mind, body, and soul. If you are struggling in your relationships, faith, emotional well-being or mental health – then a Life Coach may be the ideal guide for you. Ask yourself these questions:


  • feel overwhelmed by your health, relationships, or other major areas of life?
  • desire improved balance of your mind, body, and soul?
  • struggle with how to begin setting goals?
  • have trouble following through on goals?
  • have limiting beliefs that hold you back from success or a sense of balance?
  • find anxiety and stress to be recurring themes in your life?
  • find yourself easily sidetracked by activities and people that keep you from your goals?
  • feel that friends and family are not supportive of your goals or you feel like you have burned them out in supporting you?
  • feel a loss of faith, confidence, and/or momentum in life?
  • need honest feedback and an outside perspective that provides clarity?
  • need someone to hold you accountable as you make changes and work toward your goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the next step might be to meet with a Flourish Life Coach. With a Life Coach you will experience a safe and trustworthy relationship to gain perspective, learn new skills, and experience growth. Imagine this scenario as you consider what your next steps might be.

Jessica*, a 42-year-old single female, sought life coaching in a season of life that she described as a ‘mid-life crisis’.  She had recently left her steady employment to seek a more adventurous position but found herself craving the stability of her former job only a few months into the change. She also found herself feeling sad more than she ever had before and was less likely to say yes to activities she used to enjoy with her friends, especially if it involved their partners or friends with children. She felt badly for leaving her job, and her confidence in seeking a new one was minimal. Every time she tried talking with her family or friends about it, she felt like they didn’t understand or appreciate her situation. She felt unsure of her purpose in life and not clear on how to ‘get a grip’ on her feelings or set goals to getting back on track. She was overwhelmed and ready to have help in feeling better. A friend suggested she seek life coaching to help her sort out the issues and get a clear path for moving forward.

Jessica took the first step.

After an initial session of exploring her concerns, motivation for change, and understanding of the process of life coaching, Jessica felt more encouraged that she would be on the road to feeling better about life again. She didn’t feel alone. She proceeded to meet with her Life Coach twice monthly, which she felt gave her time to reflect on discoveries she made in conversation during the session and then implement some of the strategies and practices her Life Coach recommended. With consistency of sessions, she learned to trust that her Life Coach was in her corner and willing to have the hard conversations without judgment that she wasn’t able to hear the same way from family and friends.

With regular sessions:

Jessica’s goals were clear and concise for the first time in a long time, and she felt like she understood more about how her attitude had shifted in that season. She felt it was helpful to know she would be reporting back to her coach, which kept her focused and accountable to the goals she had set. Ultimately, she was finding that simply identifying barriers and practicing new strategies brought more fulfillment in her work, sense of self, and relationships with others. She realized that it was most helpful to have an honest, outside perspective to help her realize the pitfalls and sort through what felt like a mess of emotions and thoughts when she first reached out.

After three months of coaching, Jessica is more able to talk about her purpose in life and can recognize that changes do not have to undo that sense of peace and fulfillment. She has learned to appreciate consistency in her employment, while finding adventure in extra-curricular activities. And she has improved her confidence in expanding her social group to meet other single adults and reaching out to friends and family when she feels lonely, rather than feeling a sense of burden to them and withdrawing.

This example describes a positive outcome.

Our Life Coach understands that people have individual needs and will customize her coaching according to your wholeness goal. Perhaps it’s time for you to learn more about our Life Coaching services and schedule your consultation. The consultation is FREE for the month of October 2021.

*not her real name

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