Flourish with Preventive Care

If you’re like most people, scheduling a visit to the doctor for an annual physical exam is not high on your To Do list. Yet, preventive health screenings and primary care consultations have been found to significantly increase life expectancy. At Flourish Medical + Wellness we provide routine yearly wellness check-ups. Your exam will include a thorough lifestyle assessment, a review of current and past medical history, complete physical exam, and full blood panel. It is all offered in our professional small clinic setting. Patients find the personal attention offered from a boutique clinic provides a more pleasant experience and they are more inclined to continue with the preventive care and recommendations offered.

Take the first step toward wellness.

According to Healthy People, millions of children, adolescents, and adults go without clinical preventive services that could protect them from developing a number of serious diseases or help them treat certain health conditions before they worsen. Taking the first step to a healthier you includes choices. Online tools and resources are available as a guide. Some quick tips include preparing a list of questions in advance of your first visit. And seeking references from friends and family.

The advantages of a routine blood draw.

An important part of your wellness visit is a routine blood draw. Before symptoms arise, a blood panel can reveal early indicators of disease. The baseline tests chosen will be dependent upon your age, sex, medical history, and family risk factors. A review of these helpful questions and common blood tests explanations might give you a better understanding of the value a routine blood draw provides.

Your well-being is important.

Flourish Medical + Wellness promotes a healthy lifestyle which includes annual wellness visits as a recommended precautionary measure. And to focus the attention on wholeness and well-being, we offer the opportunity for patients to meet with our certified health coach to set personal wellness goals. It’s one of the features that sets us apart from other medical facilities. Find out more information and contact us to schedule your wellness exam.

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